Colorado's Newest Haunted House

The Terror of Dr. Charles Blackwood


Born in England (1905), Dr. Blackwood moved to Colorado in 1927 where he worked as a psychologist at the now defunct Colorado State Home for the Criminally Insane. He became the director of the home in 1930.  Some time later, Dr. Blackwood began doing experimental treatments on his patients to help alleviate some of the awful mental disorders they experienced, including lobotomies, electro shock therapy, removal of body parts and organs, and even exposure to unheard of amounts of radiation.  There was even speculation that the good doctor kept high amounts of radiation waste in the basement of the hospital.  Dr. Blackwood eventually brought his work (and some patients) home to his estate where he continued his horrific experiments.   Due to this, a series of terrible accidents ended up taking the lives of his by one.  Eventually,  Dr. Blackwood drifted towards insanity himself and ended up taking his wife's life and then his own.  The Blackwood Estate was rediscovered in the Savage Woods just west of Loveland, CO just a few years ago and was initially condemned by the state.  Caretaker Otis Williams now gives guided tours of the Estate...Visitors enter at your own risk, as it is considered one of the most haunted places in Colorado.

Side note:  The depths of hell are reserved for the most wicked souls...Dr. Blackwood has yet to find his way there.

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